Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ian is getting SO big!! He really has become a "little man" as Clark would say. We went grocery shopping and he got to ride in the "cool cart." He LOVED IT! Thank you Auntie!

Our first experience with spaghetti. We also had our first Heimlich episode that night. Somehow he choked on a noodle an hour later?? That's all I could get him to throw up. Scary!

Ian leaving Target with his new potty!
I thought since he does his "duties" in the tub everyday an easier way to deal with it was to try to get him to do it in a potty in the morning. It went well for the first week...and then we had super late nights and early mornings at the house. I think I'll leave this one on the back burner until he's a year old and we're back home. I think he'll do well (4 out of 7) but I realize it's just as much "Mommy-training" as "potty-training." Mommy just needs time first!

Ian is also learning a lot of stuff. He is RUNNING everywhere! He frequently gives kisses and "hugs." He also has been really silly. One of his favorite "tricks" is to slap his tummy and say "ooo." That would be him being a monkey! SO FREAKING CUTE!! He is a little stinker about eating lately. We have to be very careful with when we eat so he doesn't scream until we let him eat all our food. He'll do it even if he's not hungry...especially if he knows we're having ice cream! Ian is also using the phrase "whahistit." He usually says it with a fairly confused look on his face so we think he's saying "What is it?"  

Since last time we have gotten so much done at the house. Everything on our list is done and we have finished hanging sheet rock! I spent all day Saturday (12 hours) measuring, cutting and hanging drywall...by myself! Can you believe it?!?! I dare say I may be a true DIY-er!

See the drywall right here? The little pieces...
so...those may have been my first pieces of drywall...ever!! I was so proud of myself!

27 pieces later....

MY PANTRY!! I put up 4 sheets of drywall in the pantry...by myself!
Hello! They are heavy and I was tired after 12 hours!

Anyway, we have a guy coming this week to tape, mud, sand, texture, prime the whole downstairs and paint the ceilings. So glad I won't have to deal with that mess. We were planning to do it ourselves, but this guy could come when we needed him, doesn't cost a ton and he will be done in a week with what would take us several weeks! He will be done Friday so we can paint this weekend.

I am going to be stenciling this for my back splash. Not exactly sure how it'll look but I can always paint over it right? I love the design and can't afford tile right now. I did find another argyle pattern I liked but a stencil seems like a lot less work.

Following painting, we will be hanging cabinets, ordering our countertops and laying our laminate. Carpet goes in on the 29th! The next few weeks will be busy...but we'll get to move back home soon! I almost get a little excited about it...KINDA!

"MOM...do you see what I have?"

He just swung that piece of sheet rock around like it was a baton! His father is so proud!
He's such a good helper...not really!

Lastly...my $2 rummage sale find...

A little paint and new handles...cute craft desk! It has the gliding drawers even...not the old kind! Two bucks...can you believe it?!? LOVE IT!


  1. Way to go on the pantry - looks great! And that little man is getting so big! I can't believe he's starting to talk already - so smart!

  2. Such an adorable little man!!
    Good job on all you and James' hard work!

  3. Ok first let me say, he screams for ice cream because he is a Vlastuin! We all do it!! And second I can't wait to see your house when we come next month! Super excited about the awesome tour you will give us!!