Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Whew! I'm exhausted!

Ian is taking a nap, I have a few seconds...blog I shall!
Very busy few weeks...

I did a gall bladder flush. Sorry to disappoint, but I have no pics of that!

I weeded this 8x4 area for an herb bed...by hand!

James put down the retaining wall. I couldn't get the dirt level so I "let" him do it!
 We still don't have dirt.

I made some garden picks to label my seeds and plants in my garden.
Don't have a finished picture yet..they are cute though!
I'll try to get a picture up when I get my other projects done.

Ian was loving being in the garage with me. He just LOVES being outside in general!

 Chicken Florentine...Delish!

 Packed and ready for Grandma's house!

Ian went to Grandma's because....
I took a motorcycle safety course that focused on familiarizing yourself with a motorcycle.
I only crashed once before passing the class...SUCCESS!!

Not the greatest picture of Ian..but "His Royal Cuteness" still shines!

"MOM!! Are you looking at me!?!"
He walked the whole edge of the couch!
**Gasp! There is stuff on the floor!**

I'm a grown-up now with a Sam's Club membership.
Guess what they give you for your $40 donation???
**That hamburger on the front is Yummo! It involves marinated fresh basil and mozzarella cheese.**

Last picture...Ian likes grass! He was afraid at first but now enjoys it.

**Look at them lil toes!**

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  1. Such a cutie with the cutest lil toes!!!
    Thanks for a yummy dinner tonight but next time can we have that really yummy looking Chicken Florentine??