Monday, April 25, 2011

Umm...not what we were expecting!

 Ian helping himself to his Easter Basket.
It wasn't a super exciting basket, just juice, peach yogurt bites, biter biscuits,
sippy cup, and a banana masher thingee.

 "See mom! I'm ready for a sippy cup!"

 Trying out his banana masher with an orange...didn't have banana's.
Apparently, not a huge fan of oranges yet.

My new recipe this week sounded delicious...I was so excited to try it! I watched Rachael Ray make it one morning and it sounded like something we would like. Doesn't Pasta Ribbons with Peas, Prosciutto, Cream and Spring Pesto sound amazing? It wasn't. Maybe our palette just isn't sophisticated enough...but yikes! I thought it tasted more like mint and citrus gum mixed with noodles.

 It looks yummy....

 What we really had for supper...frozen pizza...and it was AWESOME!

In other news...Ian is crawling. I try to get pics of him as he goes but he's very stubborn (much like Daddy). So this is what I got of him today...he was crawling across the living room to his empty bottle.

 "Ready Mom? Here I go!"

 "See...I am the cutest kid you know!"


 "Mom, you should totally try this! It is so much fun!!"

 "Don't you dare move...I just crawled all the way over here to get you!"

 "Ha! Gotcha!"

"Num. Num. Num."

Yesterday my mother-in-law and I sat down to draw up my gardens. It was so fun...but now James is mad. I was planning to just do my garden I had last year and maybe an herb bed...yeah I'm not doing that! I am building another main garden near my old one, an herb garden, and a little flower bed down the edge of my garage. They might not all end up "built" this year but I will still plant stuff there. It's expensive to build new beds...sad face. Anyway, I have a plan and my rhubarb is planted, my chives and some leftover garlic is coming up, and my next order of business is to find my "new" strawberries.

Due to a change in plans it appears that we will be starting a remodel on the house this winter/next summer. So now I don't know what to I finish the bathroom and rip all my hard work out in 6 months-1 year...or do I just leave it as is and save the money for my new bathroom, laundry room, remodel?? This is why there have not been pics of my new bathroom up's not finished!


  1. What a cute Easter basket idea! I think Rachel Ray is over rated. I have one of her cook books and have tried some of her recipes and I think they lack in flavor. Can you do some quick changes to the bathroom to keep you happy until next year? quick and cheap??

  2. Ian is such a cutie!!!
    The only thing I can think of that you haven't finished yet in the bathroom is the trim for the mirror and the paper holder(which can be moved to new bathroom). For trim for the mirror did you ever check into that cheap foam moulding that comes stained or painted? I dont even know if they make the stuff anymore just know thats what was in our bedroom. It can be glued on to the mirror and it will finish off the bathroom til you can enjoy the new bathroom. Then you can enjoy seeing all your work completed.
    Just a thought.

  3. All that really needs to be done is wood work (I can get the pre-stained or unfinished stuff)and the frame for mirror (would use same as wood work). The only other thing I need to do in there is put the toilet paper thing back up...but the screw things don't reach the other I might just hot glue it to avoid the creepy hole in my wall :o) I just don't know how much the wood work will cost yet and if it's worth it. $100 is a hundred bucks towards a new bathroom...