Friday, April 22, 2011

Roast, Eggs and Babies...oh my!

A couple weeks ago I tried a new recipe but never put it on my blog. It was the day we took Ian to acute care so a friend actually finished it for me (thanks Angie!). Anyway, it was a shredded pork recipe that was delicious!! It was called Spicy Dr. Pepper Shredded Pork, from the Pioneer Woman's blog. It was very good! I tried a little straight out of the pan...awesome!

I ate it on hamburger buns with a little Swiss cheese...amazing!

I think my favorite was to eat it was on tacos...with some of my canned jalapenos from last summer!

I think the only adjustment I would make for myself is to use chili verde sauce instead of the chili peppers in adobe sauce. Also, next time I'm going to cook it in the crock pot. Gives me a little versatility to leave the house as it cooks. I actually only made a half recipe and it lasted our family of two a week! Definitely try this one!! It's PORK people!! Those of you who don't know me might not know that I as a general rule don't like pork...but this was SO GOOD!!

See the baby play! He is feeling like his old self again! Ever since he's felt better he has not stopped. He started by getting up on his knees...and then rocking on his knees. Then it progressed until now...he is in his crawling position and then he stands on his back legs! He is SO SMART! I'm going to try to get a video of it soon as I figure out how to get my camera hooked up to the computer!

Here are some pictures of Ian being himself...

Eating like a pig.

Exhausted from playing so hard!

 Thinking about causing chaos with his bottle...

Causing chaos with his bottle!
This picture is so dark because I had to walk away before he would play...stinker!

The last thing I wanted to share with everyone on this "catch-up post" are the Easter Eggs I made. I made them following this tutorial by Samster Mommy. 

The materials you toothpicks and paper! They didn't make the picture.

My pretty glitter!!

My eggs in all their glittered splendor!!

Aren't they beautiful?

I layered them in a bowl with some basket filling.

I love my eggs! Thanks Samster Mommy for the great idea!
That's the end of my "catch-up post", hope everyone has a great week!
Remember...all that glitters is AWESOME!


  1. Love the eggs!
    I think it is funny you don't like pork considering what James does for a living!! :o)

  2. James is working as a mechanic he is a little annoyed that I am finally trying pork now. I have found a couple ways I like it but still not a huge fan!!