Saturday, April 16, 2011

No new recipes...However, a very eventful couple of weeks.

Let's just get right to it!

After Ian's acute care visit on the first of April (no joke here) he really wasn't doing much better and actually seemed to be feeling a bit worse. As the days progressed his breathing was getting more raspy, which I thought may have been because of the meds loosening him wasn't. On Wednesday (the 6th) I woke up early so I could make him a doctor appointment for that day (at 10:45).  I called Amy (James' sister), who's a nurse, to let her know I planned to take him in because he wasn't breathing well. We decided it would be best to head to the city and at least be in the waiting room in case he would be able to be seen right away or suddenly got worse. Turns out we made the right decision. On the way to the city Ian started grunting because he was breathing so hard. We took him to the ER (per pediatrician instructions) after a quick call to the doctor's office on our way.

The ER visit was totally useless. I was told "Babies grunt because they are pooping, playing or have stomach aches." He was on antibiotics for 5 days and had a fever when we arrived..."Oh, he probably just has a different upper respiratory infection." His blood oxygen level was at 93 (down from 96 on the 1st when they told me that wasn't good) when we arrived and at 92 when we left..."That's perfectly normal." Quick check in his ears..."Those look good." After a screaming kid has his 2nd chest x-ray in a week..."Those look a little better." They had us in and out in an hour...with more albuterol treatments (every 4 hours).

I called Ian's doctor's office while still in the ER and told them I wanted a second opinion. They fit us in the next day (7th..Happy Birthday to Me!). We went to his appointment...I'm sicker than a dog and Ian is appearing to be feeling fine. Doctor says it could be a fluke and babies will change their behavior from day to day and still be sick. After I hack my head off and doctor thinks I may have whatever my child has, they decide to run a panel of blood tests to see what exactly is wrong with my baby, who has been sick for a month now.

Turns out...
1) Shouldn't you be on a different antibiotic if the one you're on isn't treating "the upper respiratory infection"?
2) They like to see a babies blood oxygen at 94 or higher. They don't get "concerned" until it's under 90.
3) He still had a double ear infection...that the antibiotic was being used to treat (not the upper respiratory infection).
4) There was no change in his chest x-ray.
5) His blood tests all came back negative, which means whatever he has is viral.

They put him on 5 days of steroids and albuterol treatments only as needed. Since they didn't call with test results until 4:30 on Friday afternoon, I wasn't able to go to doctor to get whatever it is that I needed. I figure "No biggie...I'll tough it out til Monday." Sunday James brings me to acute care after I cough til I gag on the phone with my mom. I have a severe sinus infection (for sure had it 2 weeks) with a cough. They had me continue my Mucinex for the congestion, take Tylenol 3 (codine) for the pain and cough and start a high dose z-pac to avoid infection in my bronchials.

 Anyway, I went to my mom's all day on Monday so I could sleep. I dealt with a screaming kid on Tuesday. Wednesday, I was finally feeling better and babysat for a friend for 2 hours. She in turn watched mine so I could catch up on sleep. Thursday, back to the city for a check on Ian's lungs...clear!!! Hung out with my grandma. I finally stayed home all day on Friday and we had a date night in with rented movies. Today, James, Ian and I went to the city, yet again, and finally purchased me a new wash machine! Yay.

So that is why there are no new recipes this week and I have no energy left to try and post pictures with this...I'm exhausted! Goodnight all!


  1. I would of helped ya out on Tues and Wednesday but being ya hacked a lung out in my presence for an entire day I was sick too!!!
    A few times I caught myself having a pity party then I would remember lil Ian and all he has been thru so I got over it quickly. But felt cruddy just the same!!
    What icky contagious crud!!
    Was sooooooo glad to see Ian feeling better!

  2. I'm sorry I made you sick...however, I really appreciated you "babysitting" me on Monday. I had a few VERY SHORT pity parties too. I would always remember how sick Ian was and then felt guilty! It is wonderful to see Ian acting like his happy little self again :o)