Thursday, March 10, 2011

Oh No!! We got the gunk!


Baby and Proud Papa!!

I went to bed Sunday night with an itchy eye...I woke up not able to open it! I had to have a friend go get the pinkeye drops for me because I didn't dare drive a car! Then last night my other eye started itching....this morning I woke up to a crazy eye on that side. Will it end?
**Please excuse my hair!**

I altered this shirt last week. My parents gave James and I this shirt when we got married...with a request for at least one grandbaby to fill it! It has been filled. Anyway, it was only a short sleeved t-shirt so I made some sleeves from an old black t-shirt I found in our closet and sewed them on! Turned out cute...I think anyway!

Grandma thinks I look like the Gerber you?

Ian has been having gunky eyes for the last week...but never got pinkeye. So I finally brought him to the doctor to see if he had a sinus infection or something. They checked his lungs and he had something there. So they did blood work to see if he had RSV. While they were checking that they had me give him a nebulizer treatment. The mask they gave me for him was so cute and I told the nurse, "Oh! It's so cute. I need a picture for my blog!!" Then she showed me how to hold him, turned on the machine and walked out of the room...leaving me there with a screaming baby who was doing everything in his power to get away from his cute dino mask! This continued for about 10 minutes, in which time I did not even entertain the idea of taking a picture of him in his mask!! The test came back negative for RSV so, in an effort to avoid any unnecessary antibiotics and neb. treatments, they ran it again for some other things including croup and another virus that acts like RSV.

Turns out, I made the right decision! Those tests also came back negative! So, what's wrong with my baby?? He has bronchialitis, which I understand is like bronchitis but in the bronchial tube. For right now we are watching him closely, he has a cool mist humidifier in his room and hopefully we can avoid the neb. treatments. He actually slept good last night with the humidifier! I'm hoping we can keep that up!
**Sorry about the messy table. This picture of Ian is too cute to pass up though!**

James and I are going on a mini vacation this weekend to Minneapolis. Ian is staying behind with the Grandparents. Hoping all will go well with him this weekend!

So, needless to say we don't have a new recipe this week. Sorry! I'll get back to it next week!


  1. Hope he is clear of all the gunk soon!!
    AND....that he sleeps well while you are gone!!!

  2. He is such a cute gerber baby!! I love seeing your table, looks just like mine!! I hope you all get to feeling better soon, what you need is some warm weather girl! You should be mini vacationing down here in the south... we are in the 60's!

  3. Amanda, that would have been awesome! I wanna go anywhere warm!!!