Thursday, March 24, 2011

Refinishing the Bathroom

I used my "Cabinet Transformations" today. I finished the cabinets in my bathroom, except for the last step. They just need the protectant on them tomorrow and TA-DA!
**A huge "THANK YOU" to my sister-in-law Amy!! She came and spent the day helping me do my cabinets. And then offered to watch Ian this afternoon and tonight, so I could keep working.**

 To start you have to wash, use a deglosser, and paint the cupboards.
The paint needs to dry and then you paint it again.

 After 2 coats of the "paint" use the deglazer. I was super stressed out about this! Probably didn't help that I had already been working on cupboards and painting for 10 hours....ugh. I think the color looks pretty good. Had one weird spot on one of my long doors...I got it to blend though, so we're ok!!

 To avoid the issue I had on my cabinet door, I did the side of my cabinet in rows (instead of doing the top half and then the bottom half). This seemed to work much better with how much working time I had with the deglazer before it dried. This looks more "streaky" in the picture than it does when you look at it.

 I can't wait to get the top coat on and get the doors and drawers back in! I was hoping to get my painting done today too but only got the ceiling painted. Which I think was an accomplishment for how long the cabinets took!

The vent cleaned up with just water (will get washed, with soap, when I can get to my sink!). I vacuumed out the vent and light area. I will be spray painting the vent cover as soon as I get the paint.

Doesn't it look so much better??
I painted the ceiling a really light gray...what do we think of gray ceilings? Or colored ceilings in general?


  1. Looking great!! Glad Amy helped you out.
    Looking forward to seeing it all completed! Hopefully I can get over there to help some too!

  2. Wow that turned out great!! Such a great transformation!! I can't wait to do my bathrooms, but I think i am waiting until fall after the boys start school... I'll need something to keep my mind off of that!! Great job!!

  3. It is something you want to do when you have a couple days when you don't mind not being able to use your house!! My kitchen was WAY to full of flammable materials to even be able to cook!!