Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So busy....

So this is the cupboard under my sink. Doesn't look so scary...does it?
I have a confession.....IT'S A MESS!!!

 Not so much dirty...more along the lines of severely challenged in the organizational department.
I have really been wanting/needing a bag storage thingee from IKEA. So when in Minneapolis for the weekend I went to IKEA...and guess what I did? You know I bought one!!!

Still not gorgeous, but organized!
On the left, we have my bag storage thingee.
On the right, there in the box, is all my dishwasher stuff and garbage bags.
My vinegar for mopping floors and my "crinkley" bags for toys are in the back.

My tub is in the bathroom...it looks great.
On to my next HUGE project....cabinets, painting, lighting, and I have a special plan for the mirror!!

Before pics:

 My "before" cabinets aren't terrible but I have a vision...and the "Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations." Seriously, typing that gives me chills!! Can't wait to use it!!

 The mirror is huge and since my bathroom is so small I'm going to keep the huge mirror up. I have a plan to make it look better and I'm hoping to get that done next week.

 I hit Lowe's hard  tonight!
Light fixture (need globes yet): $40
Paint and pan: $20
Knobs and Hinges: $30
The awesome totes: $8 each!!
Also, thanks to the nice man at Lowe's, I found out I really don't need to replace the vent with the light.
Instead, he recommended trying to spray paint it. Savings: $100...Wowsers!!

 Two of my 4 totes will be used for organizational puposes. The other 2 will be in a new project I want to attempt soon. I am planning to make myself a bench for my living room. I found the red fabric for 75 cents at a thrift store! It's a table cloth but I think it'll make a great cover for the cushion!

I made Ian a little knit hat today. It's pretty plain but it fits him and keeps his little ears from the wind.
He looks even more like Daddy in black!! Scary!


  1. You have sooo many projects going on...makes my head spin! Sorry I cant help today!

    Love the hat.....and those eye lashes!!

  2. Not a problem! I think 2 people working on it was good...my kitchen becomes WAY smaller when filled with painted stuff you can't touch!!

    I love his eyelashes too!!