Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi-Week 12

Week 12 of my year of recipes! Can you believe it?!?! With all the stuff going on in my bathroom this week I didn't think I was going to get a new recipe done. However, I decided to pull on my big girl panties, buckle down, and get to work...more work! I hung my cabinet doors, put in drawers, attached handles and hinges and put away all flammable materials. kitchen was a little less hazardous to  cook in! My mom said pasta ai quattro formaggie would be a good, easy recipe to try, since I didn't even think to look for a recipe before going grocery shopping. I thought, "Seriously, she must be kidding!" I can't hardly cook, much less cook something so fancy sounding. Apparently, pasta=noodles, ai=have no idea, quattro=four, formaggie=cheese. So "noodles with four kinds of cheese", she should have just said that! Mom told me the main ingredients, I bought them and made dinner for my hubs last night. Mom found this recipe on Pioneer Woman's blog and has tried it at least once.

Mom said I could just use three cheeses. She recommended cheddar, asiago and Parmesan. Pioneer Woman says you can use whatever four cheeses you want. PW even uses goat cheese! I think someday I might acquire a taste for it (maybe) and try to use it in my cooking. I just really don't like it cold on a cracker and have never had it IN food.

James grilled chicken while I made the pasta. We just cut it into chunks and ate it on top of our cheesy noodles! I really liked it with the chicken, but I think it needs more garlic. That could just be me though 'cause I LOVE GARLIC! Anyway...Mom is coming over to watch little man while I work on painting my bathroom today. Almost done!! Gotta go so I can get pics of bathroom posted...SMILEY FACE! Bye!


  1. I too say it needs more garlic than PW says. I really like the violent rub of the bowl with the garlic too! Such a subtle boost of yumminess.

  2. With my leftovers I rubbed the bowl "more violently" and with more garlic...very yummy!!