Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Hats Everywhere!!

The other baby hats I made for the preemie baby girl.
 I think James thinks " need to stop!" I'm kind of addicted!

 This blue one has a flower on it that I also made. It didn't really show up well in the picture though.

 I love this fabric! It looks kind of old ladyish but for a baby!
I also thought a bow would be vintage, cutesy looking!

 Fabric flower and the hat matches...same color green. Didn't show up very well in pictures.

I love this one!! Just because it has a great big knot on it!

I'm so inspired and am hoping to make a few more soon as I have time! Today Ian was crabby again so he took a nap on me as I worked on computer. I don't know if it's his formula (I just started switching him to half formula/half breast milk) or if he has teeth coming. It might just be that he has days that he's extremely clingy? I don't know. I'm just glad that he doesn't get this way at night when it's time for bed. He might fight the sleep at first but after I have him asleep, he sleeps fine in his crib.

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  1. Very cute hats!! Why haven't you made Ian any yet?? Great job!