Monday, February 14, 2011

Week 6...

My boys snore on the couch together....frequently!
I don't know which one is more handsome!!

Superbowl Sunday.
(I couldn't get this picture to turn for the life of me! And now I somehow lost it on my camera..sad face!)

 My recipes this week left much to be desired!!!
This is homemade mac and cheese I made. Apparently, when you are trying new recipes...don't modify them! I was trying to use up some leftover Velveeta so I just used a "tad" extra....horrible! It was pretty much inedible! The next day I had it for leftovers...even worse! I also made some cinnamon rolls this week. FLOP!! I think the recipe is a good one, I just totally screwed it up! I was trying to make a half batch and halved some stuff and used the full amount of others. The rolls were just barely edible...very floury. I will try them again after I pick up yeast. On the bright side, I made my very first pot of homemade Chickie Noodle Soup this week...DELISH! I used a rotisserie chicken I got at Sam's and cut it up and stuck it in freezer (for soup). After the week I had with cooking I'm glad something as easy as soup worked out for me!

 Ian eating BABY cereal!
We had Ian's 4 month check up and shots this week. My boy is gettin' big! 16 pounds! He did great with his shots and developmentally is right on track (maybe even a little ahead...mommy says). He also got some Zantac to start taking for acid reflux, seems to be helping. My mom thinks he has withdrawal from when he was getting all the Zantac I was taking for heartburn when I was preggo!

 Faith, Ava, Ian
I babysat for a friend of mine while she went to an interview. It was just fun to watch the girls play with Ian.

 Ian in his jumper with his favorite toy!!

 James' sisters kids and Ian with their Valentines from Grandma.
There were cupcakes under all that frosting! Typical boys...more interested in the food than taking a nice picture!

 Ian's valentine from my mom.
He took this picture between temper tantrums...gonna be a long day!

I think he's trying to get to the chocolate covered animal crackers inside!!

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  1. Oh Oh!!! Is he having gramma-withdrawls?? We had a good time together last night!! He has seen me the past 3 days!!
    The pic of the 4 kids w the cupcakes is adorable. Do boys at all ages only thing about food??
    Clark finished off the chicken dip for breakfast this morning.....not a breakfast food to me!! He looked rather sheepish when I asked what he was eating!!!He loves that dip.
    This am on my desk was a box of chocolates, card, and 2 big Symphony candy bars!!!