Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Hats & Hot Cocoa

 Finished little hats! I only got 2 done but so far they turned out really cute!
The flower unattaches and they can switch them out.
Hopefully they will fit when she gets off some of her monitors and stuff.

 We made Mint Hot Cocoa as requested by my brother in law Jason who is Afganistan. I sent them some around Thanksgiving and it was gone in 3 days! They requested we make the same stuff just WAY more!
This is Jenny (his wife).

 Amy (Jason's sister) and two of her kids (Morgan and Chris).

Jenny again and Helen (Jason's mom/my mother in law).
We had alot of fun and made about 100 little single serving pouches. We also made little packets of marshmallows and Andes mint chips to mix in good!


  1. Such a great idea! I love seeing pictures of everyone <3

  2. You are the bomb!! Great idea for the hats-Nick and Shirley are so fortunate to have such good friends as you and James,(me too of course) and Jason such good siblings... Love ya...Wanda

  3. Good idea to send some condiments for the hot cocoa too!!!
    Cant wait to see baby girl in the lil hats.